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Velocity Gear Prodigy Gloves Review

Velocity Gear Prodigy Motorcycle Gloves Review

Velocity Gear Metalwear Gloves
Prodigy Gloves Review Summary
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The Velocity Gear Prodigy gloves have many of the same protective features of the Formula race gloves, but with a slightly more subdued look. These are perfect for street riding or sport touring. They also meet the EN13594:2002 standards for resistance against cutting, tearing, seam burst and abrasion. If the Velocity Gear Formula gloves (review) are a bit too “over the top” in terms of styling for street riding or touring, but you still want some of the best protection you can find, then the Velocity Gear Prodigy gloves are for you.

The Prodigy version has all of the protective features of the Formula gloves, but without the attached 3rd and 4th finger system. Also, the knuckle protectors on the Prodigy gloves are covered with leather and there are a few more tweaks to make this pair more biased for street riding. The Prodigy gloves are the only other model currently made by Velocity Gear that meets the EN13594:2002 standards for cut resistance, tear resistance, seam burst resistance and abrasion resistance. Motorcycle gloves that meet the standards are just finding their way to the market, and it’s nice to see this capability available in a non-race glove.

Protective Features, Stitching and Gauntlet

The Prodigy gloves also have the same Knox SPS (Scaphoid Protection System) and Schoeller Keprotec stitching as the rest of the Velocity Gear gloves reviewed in this series. The Prodigy gloves also feature a combination of kangaroo and cow leather, with the soft tan-colored kangaroo leather visible. The gauntlet on these gloves is not quite as large as the gauntlet on the Formula race gloves, but it still fits nicely over a jacket sleeve. The gauntlet has a large TPU wrist protector sewn on to the outside.

The outer edge of this hard protector continues out over the edge of the wrist, which interferes somewhat with the wrist closure from wrapping completely around the side of the wrist, but it’s barely noticeable.

The wrist closure on the Prodigy gloves is unique. It starts on the underside of the wrist, then goes all the way around to the top, where it goes through a D-ring which allows the strap to be pulled tight and then back around the inside of the wrist.

Here’s a photo:

Wrist Closure on the Velocity Gear Prodigy Motorcycle Gloves

We really like this design for a couple of reasons. First, it allows the gloves to be tightened very snugly. Then the length of strap makes it more comfortable and it also has hook-and-loop all the way around, giving it a very secure feeling when closed.

The strap end has a nice grooved pull tab sewn into the layers of hook-and-loop, giving an excellent pulling surface. Velocity Gear did a very nice job on this design and we wouldn’t be surprised if other glove manufacturers start copying it.

The wrist strap is protected by a small flap of leather that forms the back of the Knox SPS protector. This section isn’t as large as it is on the Velocity Gear Formula gloves, but it’s more than adequate and it continues up the outside of the hand.

The kangaroo skin palms have an extra section of cowhide at the grip area and the black leather is also featured on the outside of the gloves.

The Prodigy gloves have a big leather-covered main knuckle protector that floats on a separate section across the back. The four fingers each have leather-covered middle and top knuckle protectors and the thumb has one.

The material used under all of these is reflective, which is another interesting feature on the Prodigy gloves.

The knuckle protectors on the fingers are all attached to floating sections of leather, which give the fingers a lot of flexibility and help to make the gloves very comfortable.

The lining material used in all the Velocity Gear gloves reviewed in this series is also soft and adds to the comfort. It protects the internal stitching from rubbing on the fingers.

Fingertip Close-up on the Velocity Gear Prodigy Motorcycle Gloves


Fit and Sizing

The size large Prodigy gloves shown here are also oversized by at least one and perhaps two sizes, just like the Formula gloves.

So these fit more like an XL or even an XXL. Velocity Gear said these were from the first production run and the sizing will be more consistent with their size charts.

The fingers and the fit is otherwise generous, making these gloves very comfortable, although the fingers on the Prodigy gloves feel slightly narrower than the “boxier” finger fit of the Formula gloves.


The Velocity Gear Prodigy gloves also come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and the Velocity Gear “Half Price” replacement guarantee:

“If your glove is destroyed for any reason we’ll replace it for half of it’s original purchase price, no questions asked.”

While the Prodigy gloves do not have mesh or air vents, they do have some perforations in between the fingers at the base of each finger.


The Velocity Gear Prodigy gloves have the security of meeting at least some of the individual tests described in the ECE standards and high-quality construction with street or touring style.

This combination of features is difficult to find and riders who desire the ultimate in protection should find these an excellent choice.

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Manufacturer: Velocity Gear
List Price (2009): $225.00
Made In: Pakistan
Colors: Black/Tan
Sizes: XS-2XL
Review Date: October 2009
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