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Velocity Gear Metalwear Gloves Review

Velocity Gear Metalwear Motorcycle Gloves Review

Velocity Gear Metalwear Gloves
Metalwear Gloves Review Summary
Review Summary
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Updated version of the original Metalwear gloves have a unique look. Plenty of metal, double wrist protectors and the same construction as the other Velocity Gear gloves that meet the ECE standards. We reviewed the original Velocity Gear SS Metalwear gloves in 2007. This 2009 version has been updated using the knowledge Velocity Gear obtained through their work in getting the Prodigy (review) and Formula (review)gloves through the ECE standards testing procedures.

While the Metalwear gloves have not been put through the ECE testing regimen, they still use the same manufacturing techniques and many of the same protective features as the gloves that do meet the standards. The shiny metal protectors are the main focus of the Metalwear gloves, and although it’s possible that no one really knows whether the metal will protect against abrasion any better than the TPU knuckle protectors used on the Formula gloves, the metal sure looks cool!

The metal protectors are attached with big rivets, which also add style. While the styling may not be for everyone, there’s no denying that the Metalwear gloves look like like they mean business. The straw-colored Schoeller Keprotec Kevlar stitching contrasts dramatically with the black leather and as you can see in the photo below, much of it is triple-stitched on the Metalwear gloves.

The other noticeable styling feature is the double gauntlet system used on the Metalwear gloves. The gauntlet consists of two flaps that connect to a central section of leather. Each strap connects to the central section with metal rings.

The flaps then curve around and surround the wrist on either side and meet in the middle on the underside, where one folds over the other and connect with hook-and-loop to form a three-layer protective barrier at the wrist.

The gauntlet assembly also serves as the protector for the underside wrist strap, so like the other Velocity Gear gloves reviewed in this series, the Metalwear gloves stay put when everything is pulled tight.

Also like the other Velocity Gear gloves, the Metalwear gloves also feature the Knox Scaphoid Protection System on the palm, attached to a separate section of triple-stitched leather. This section does not continue up the side of the palm though, like it does on the Prodigy and Formula gloves.

The large main knuckle protector sits on a separate floating section of leather, and it has a second flap underneath that continues back over the hand, also providing more protection.

The four fingers have top and middle knuckle protectors, each sewn onto floating pieces of leather, which make the fingers flexible and comfortable. One more section of leather covers the tops of the fingers, above where the fingernails would go.

The leather used in the Metalwear gloves feels nice and soft and the gloves are comfortable, with a soft lining.

The size large Metalwear gloves shown here have the same oversized issue noted in the Formula and Prodigy gloves. These feel about one size too big for the listed size, so these fit more like a size XL. Velocity Gear said these were from the first production run and the sizing will be more consistent with their size charts.

The fingers and the fit is otherwise generous, making these gloves very comfortable. The fingers seem to have the same construction as the Prodigy gloves, which feels slightly narrower than the “boxier” finger fit of the Formula gloves.

Velocity Gear Metalwear Gloves - Fingertip Close-up


Other Features

The Velocity Gear Metalwear gloves have the Velocity Gear “Half Price” replacement guarantee: “If your glove is destroyed for any reason we’ll replace it for half of it’s original purchase price, no questions asked.”

The Metalwear gloves do not have mesh or air vents, but they’ve proven to be comfortable in the late summer and early fall weather we’ve been having.

Velocity Gear Metalwear Gloves


The Velocity Gear Metalwear gloves have “in your face” styling but some important quality and protective updates from the original. While they now cost about 50% more than the original did back in 2007, we think the improvements are worth it.

wBW Review: Velocity Gear Metalwear Gloves
Manufacturer: Velocity Gear
List Price (2009): $149.00
Made In: Pakistan
Colors: Black
Sizes: XS-2XL
Review Date: October 2009
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From “S.S.” (10/09): “I have an old pair of nearly identical gloves from the “other brand” that I take out a few times a year. The old gloves used titanium instead of stainless steel. The metal stampings look so similar I have to wonder if Velocity didn’t buy the old tooling.

Basically I bought the old gloves because they looked cool and my then girlfriend wanted me to wear them. They still do look cool even though that girl is ancient history.

They also are incredibly comfortable and won’t come off, sometimes even if you want them too.

The biggest difference I see between these gloves and my old ones is the palm. The Titanium gloves included rivets on the heel and palm of the hands, supposedly an old trick to allow you to slide on the pavement instead of the gloves grabbing.

These new plastic pucks are claimed to do the same thing. Whenever I wear the old gloves I am always paranoid of resting my hands on my tank for fear of scratching it up. These plastics pucks won’t have that problem. I think I’ll have to get a pair.”