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Velocifero Electric Bikes Have Some Glorious Fat Tires



Have you always want the electric equivalent to the Fat Cat? Then Velocifero has electric bikes for you. The company revealed its latest bikes at the 41st annual Bangkok International Motor Show. They have some wonderfully fat tires, and I love them for it.

There are three new bikes. The first is essentially a fat-tire scooter. It has a folding seat and handlebars. It looks pretty cool and has a range of 19 and 25 miles and a top speed of 28 mph.

Then there’s the E-Classic, which looks like an old board-track racer and features a range of under 50 miles and can do about 15 mph as its top speed.

The last one is the Beach Mad, and it’s the bike that is the fat tire electric you really want. It’s not some high-powered thing, but it looks like a modern electric motorcycle. According to MotorFan, the bike has a top speed of about 37 mph, and it can do about 43 miles per charge.

The Beach Mad is super cool. It’s also the bike that Velocifero has the least amount of information up on its website. The bike looks cool, but the specs are more super impressive. It’s on the same par as something like the CSC City Slicker or a 50cc scooter.