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Valentino Rossi Is Doing Fine After Testing Positive for COVID-19

Not Good News for Yamaha

Valentino Rossi

Rossi Seems Fine but Is Closely Monitored

Valentino Rossi recently tested positive for COVID-19, which caused him to miss the Aragon Grand Prix. As of right now he’s fine and being monitored by doctors so that if his condition worsens, he can be well-taken-care-of by healthcare professionals.

Rossi expressed frustration. The Yamaha racing team performed well at the Aragon Grand Prix, and he was forced to miss it.

“Seeing Yamahas go fast is like twisting the knife in the wound,” he told GPOne.

As for his condition, it was reported that he started to feel bad on October 15. After it was determined that he was sore and had a fever, two tests were conducted by doctors. The first gave a negative result, the second gave a positive result, and he was not allowed to race.

Rossi was home in Italy after the Le Mans race, so he was not in contact with other riders and teammates. He did say it was a little different than he expected. 

“I thought it was like the lockdown, but now I’m always alone without seeing anyone,” he said. “It’s quite boring. It’s a pain. Now I’m fine. I’m still a bit weak, but I no longer have a fever. I was sick for a day and a half, then I recovered.

It’s good to hear that he is doing well, and it is a shame he will have to miss more races while he is in quarantine.