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Upgrade Your New Honda, KTM, or BMW Bike With Sargent’s New REVolution Seat

Sargent Seat Upgrade
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Take a Seat…

What a REVolutionary name for an aftermarket motorcycle part… Jokes aside, swapping the seat out on your bike can be a super quick modification that can provide tons of new comfort to your ride. After I took my first 600-mile journey on my Yamaha FJ-09, the first thing I did was upgrade the seat (my poor behind). OEMs have gotten relatively good at providing customers with a comfortable seat on new motorcycles, but everyone is shaped differently, and sometimes the stock seat simply won’t cut it. Thankfully for our BMW, KTM, and Honda bros, Sargent has a new seat titled the ‘REVolution Comfort Seat’ for your modification pleasure. 

This isn’t just a regular seat, however. You will be shipping your stock seat to Sargent where they will carefully replace and upgrade all of the internal pieces (foams, cushions, etc). Of course, Sargent has a silly little name they’ve coined for what goes into your seat: “Zone Suspension”. Zone Suspension is essentially just some special layered foams to keep you comfortable and locked-in. They utilize their patented Body Contour Technology in addition to some Pressure Absorbing Layers and “Super Cell Atomic Foam” (BIIIG air quotes on this one) to upgrade your seat.

It’s hard to expect us to understand what all of these confusing and special terms boil down to, but at the end of the day you ship them your seat, they put some foam tech into it, and you get a new seat back in the mail. Amazing.


Did you buy a BMW S 1000 XR and wish it came with heated seats? The revolution seat has you covered. It’s heated. 

How much is this worth to you? To Sargent, this seating upgrade is worth $400 USD without the heating. If you want to keep those perfectly cushioned cheeks warm expect to shell out an extra $200 for the heating system, bringing the total price to $600.