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UK: 2023 Shows Dip in Sales… Especially for EVs

Electric Motorcycle Sales Plummet -37.52% (compared to 2022)

A lineup of motorcycle riders.
A lineup of Philippine motorcyclists. Media provided by CNN Philippines.
  • 2023 motorcycle sales were down 2.5% from the previous year
  • Over 34% of purchased bikes are 125cc or less
  • Middleweight to 1000cc bikes show uptick in sales
  • Nakeds were the most popular bike category to purchase in 2023

Our industry may have seen piles of riders flocking to buy motorcycles during 2020-2022, but 2023 shows a different set of figures for the UK. 

For those of you who don’t know, the MCIA is a body that represents the UK’s L-Category vehicle industry.

In other words, these sales stats are only for the UK… though we have enough here to ogle in anticipation of America’s own bike sales results, particularly in the EV category.

According to a recent study sourced from Phil West’s coverage on MCN, this past year’s bike sales dipped 2.5% to 113,589 units sold. 

A woman putting a battery into a scooter.
A scooter with a removable battery pack. Media provided baby the MCIA.

Gas sales vs. electric sales

Of the 113,589 in total sales, we have 109,000 gas machines (107,215 motorcycles if removing scooters and mopeds) and 4062 electric machines. 

This last figure is quite interesting; not only do electric machines sold in 2023 make up a mere 3.6% of total sales, but the number is even less in 2022 – 37.5% less, in fact. 

In plain speak, electric sales in the UK show just how much the masses are actually investing in the electrification strategies of certain brands.

…it’s not a lot, folks.

three motorcyclists riding down a street.
A handful of L-licensed motorcyclists. Media provided baby the MCIA.

What does the MCIA’s CEO say about 2023’s UK two-wheeled sales? 

For Campbell, 2023’s results still show huge potential for our industry to take the lead in future recreational/personal transport:

2024 will be an exciting year for the sector which will be built upon another solid performance in 2023. 

The scooter and motorcycle market will become an even more important contributor to the transport ecosystem.

– Tony Campbell, CEO, MCIA (MCN)

What do you think of 2023’s motorcycle sales?

*Media provided by CNN Philippines, as well as the MCIA*