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U.S. Motorcyclists Become the Victim of Thieves Once Every 50 Years

Aussies Are Even Less Susceptible to Theft

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While there’s a lot going on in the U.S. right now that may be cause for concern, one bright spot is that motorcycle theft isn’t a big deal.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau in the U.S. noted that motorcycle theft is down. According to the numbers represented in the study, Motorcycle News pointed out that you have a 0.45 percent chance of having your bike stolen in the U.S. In the UK, however, you have a 2.3 percent chance.

Things in Australia look even better. We reported on the fact that motorcycle thefts in Australia dropped during the pandemic. In the past fiscal year, only 9,021 motorcycles were stolen. The most recent number for total motorcycles registered in Australia that I can find comes from a 2011 study. It said that there were about 680,000 motorcycles registered in Australia. 2011 is a while ago, but if it’s close to accurate today, that would mean there’s about a 0.01 percent chance that an Aussie would have his bike stolen in any given year.

It’s interesting to think about, and suggests that motorcycle theft isn’t much of a problem for both U.S. and Australian riders. 2020 does have some good news after all.