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TS-804 Chain and Cable Lube With Moly

TS-804 Chain and Cable Lube With Moly

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TS-804 is not a motorcycle chain lube; it’s an industrial product, manufactured by T.S. Moly Lubricants in the U.S.A.

“Moly”, or molybdenum disulfide, is a product known to BMW motorcycle owners and others who have experienced the nightmare known as the spline lube.

T.S. Moly Lubricants, Inc. specializes in manufacturing a wide variety of moly (molybdenum disulfide) pastes, sprays and liquids, used in all types of industrial lubrication applications.

Like the TS-801 Dry Film Moly Spray we reviewed in this batch, we tried this just to experiment, and because we’re always looking for something new, different, unique and “cross-sector”; that is, a product from one market segment that might work in another.

TS-804 sprays out like a foam — it surrounds the chain with a large cloud of foamy bubbles, so it should actually penetrate rather well into the chain. But the large amount of overspray and very high per-unit cost of this product makes it very inefficient for lubricating motorcycle chains.

The product is really designed to penetrate the wire strands of a cable and leave a coating of moly, so as the cable flexes and moves, the strands slide against each other instead of binding.

Again, this product was tried just as an experiment; it’s probably excellent for its intended use, but we don’t think it works very well as a motorcycle chain lubricant.

TS-804 Chain and Cable Lube With Moly
Type: Spray Liquid “Foam”
Cost: Very High (More Info)
Efficiency: Low
Sprayer: Poor
Fling-off: High
Sticky Factor: Medium
Availability: Poor (wBW Store)
Manufacturer: TS Moly
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TS-804 Chain & Cable Lube With Moly

Publication Date: June 2008

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