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TS-73 Torque Tight Torque Grease

TS-73 Torque Tight Torque Grease

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While we were browsing around in the T.S. Moly Lubricants website, we found their “Torque Tight” product.

This caught our eye for only one reason.

The Ducati GT1000 shop manual calls for using a special type of grease on the threads of the rear axle, and the torque specifications they give are applied when using that grease.

TS-73 Torque Tight is designed as a “lubricant formulated especially to prevent galling on stainless steel connections and other kinds of metals prone to galling”, according to T.S. Moly.

The company makes a variety of moly-based anti-seize compounds, so check it out.

This stuff is expensive, but the package shown here will probably last well into the 22nd Century.

A very tiny amount is all that’s needed to prevent galling on a critical thread.

T.S. Moly has a variety of torque application charts and other information for this product and more.

TS-73 Torque Grease
Type: Grease
Cost: Extremely High (More Info)
Efficiency: N/A
Sprayer: N/A
Fling-off: N/A
Sticky Factor: N/A
Availability: Poor (wBW Store)
Manufacturer: TS Moly
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TS-73 Torque Tight Torque Grease

Publication Date: June 2008

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