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Triumph Recalls Certain 2023 Trident 660 & Tiger Sport 660 Models

“The Threads on Certain Front Fork Caps May Strip”

A side view of a motorcyclist.
A view of Triumph's Trident 660. Media provided by Triumph.
  • Triumph is recalling an estimated 107 bikes due to an undersized thread on the front fork cap (machining error)
  • Affected models include Trident 660 & Tiger Sport 660s across Triumph’s 2023 range
  • Owners will be notified on February 28 with servicing provided free of charge (dealers were given notice around February 23)

Triumph has found a machining error that’s creating a vulnerability in some of their front fork caps. 

2023 Triumph Trident 660
A view of Triumph’s Trident 660. Media provided by Triumph.

Recall history and related concerns

According to the NHTSA’s official Safety Recall Report, the first service warranty claim came from China back in mid-July. 

By late August, two more claims had been archived from China; this led Triumph to begin their investigation on what was causing the continual claims. 

Somewhere between January and when the Quality Department submitted their findings on February 24th of this year, Triumph came to the realization that detaching front fork caps were a result of a threading problem. 

Here’s an excerpt from the recall below:

Due to incorrectly machined threads, the front fork caps may strip and detach from the fork outer tube. 

Front fork cap detachment can result in a loss of vehicle handling and control, increasing the risk of a crash.”

– Part 573 Safety Recall Report #24V-109 (NHTSA)
A motorcyclist on a blue bike in the city.
A view of Triumph’s Tiger Sport 660. Media provided by Triumph.

Which of Triumph’s bikes are affected by this recall?

The threading problem has purportedly affected Trident 660 and Tiger 660s from Triumph’s 2023 ranges, with the following VIN numbers (non-sequential) written for each model: 

2023 Trident 660

Begin : SMTL10UL5PTBC4997 

End : SMTL10UL7PTBC9814

2023 Tiger Sport 660

Begin: SMTL20UL7PTBC6585

End : SMTL20UL9PTBD2372

A side view of a motorcyclist on a bike.
A view of Triumph’s Tiger Sport 660. Media provided by Triumph.

What is Triumph’s solution to the faulty component?

Triumph will, of course, be recommending that all affected riders get their bike into an eligible dealership for the requisite repairs, which will be free of charge. 

Dealers were notified around February 23rd, with owners having to wait until the day after tomorrow (February 28) before their notice goes out/arrives (dates are estimated and not exact).

A red motorcycle.
A view of Triumph’s Tiger Sport 660. Media provided by Triumph.

What can I do about this recall?

Should you find yourself affected by this recall and wish to do your own homework, feel free to contact either Triumph’s Customer Service or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Vehicle Safety Hotline at the following contact points:

Triumph Customer Service

Telephone #:1-678-854-2010

Manufacturer Recall #: SRAN 617

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Vehicle Safety Hotline

Telephone #: 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153)

Recall #: 24V-109 

Do you know someone who might be affected by this recall?

*Medis provided by Triumph Motorcycles*