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Top Tips for Every Motorbike Owner

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Every individual has their chosen hobby that they invest some of their time in. For some, it could be playing soccer, and for another, it may be a high adrenaline sport such as riding a motorbike. This can be an enjoyable hobby if you like living life on the more adventurous side. However, a lot more comes with owning a motorbike than just riding it around. If you don’t want to see your money down the drain, looking after it the best you can is essential. Perhaps you’ve just acquired your first motorbike or are thinking of getting one. Here are some top tips on for every motorbike owner that you should consider. 

Do a Routine Check-up

One of the core things that enable your bike to work its best is the engine. In light of this, you should make sure you take care of it the best that you can. The best route to take is usually to take it for a routine check-up so that a professional can have a good look at the engine. In addition to this, some other things that should be checked are whether you motorbike needs an oil change if you need a valve adjustment, and to look at the chain to mention a few.

Also, the person or company doing the check up for you should also have a look at the exhaust pipe. It isn’t uncommon for it to become stained by oil or mud even though it’s steel. Heat stains can be removed by using a liquid abrasive.

Consider a Remodel

If you notice the outside of your bike is becoming worn, and there are scratches and chips, why not consider remodelling the exterior? To save money, you could choose to DIY or contract it out to someone if you can afford to. Think about what changes you want to make and set a budget for the amount you’re willing to spend. If unforeseen circumstances occur and you happen to overspend, you can always get payday loans online, and the good thing is that they’re no credit check instant approval loans. One of the first modifications that you can make is changing the paint colour to something different. Also, why not consider aluminium bodywork or engraving if you want to add something extra to the exterior? You could also change parts like the wheels, brakes, and add custom leather seat work.

Wash Your BikeClean wash Ducati GT1000

Making sure you wash your bike often is another way to maintain it. When washing it, try to avoid using products that aren’t specifically made for motorbikes as they may contain harsh chemicals that could damage your bike. To begin cleaning your bike, rinse it with cool water to get rid of any loose dirt using a soft sponge or cloth. To clean the plastic part of the bike, use detergent and cold water rubbing the soiled areas gently. Make sure you rinse the bike with cold water thoroughly so that detergent residue doesn’t corrode any of the alloy parts. Also, lubricate the drive chain as soon as you finish washing and drying the bike.

Check the Tires

A good pair of tires is what enable you to have a smooth ride on your motorbike. For this reason, you should check them regularly as well as ensure they aren’t flat and in need of pumping or replacing. You should bear in mind that tires on a motorcycle can be relatively expensive averaging anywhere from $400 upwards for a set. As with a car, riding around with flats isn’t safe, so you should try and avoid it.

Keep up With Insurance

Although a motorcycle is a bike, this doesn’t mean insurance isn’t needed. This is an essential part of maintaining your bike as without it, you’re vulnerable to accidents, and in some cases, it’s illegal not to have it. If you’re over a certain age and have a spotless driving record, you should be able to get a decent rate. However, when it comes to motorbike insurance, the population density of where you live and the theft rates of bikes are the kind of factors that could determine how expensive it is. Nevertheless, shop around, compare prices, bargain and be certain you get a rate that you can afford to avoid missing payments.

Remember Road Safety

If you want to avoid getting in an accident or getting in trouble with the law, road safety should come first when you have a motorbike. There are so many hazards on the road, so you want to mitigate the risks of any accidents occurring by being attentive and wearing your helmet at all times. In addition to the mentioned, make sure you have a license to ride, and this especially applies if it’s your first time getting a bike. To obtain a motorcycle license, you usually have to attend basic and advanced rider safe training courses after which you can get a learning permit. Once you complete the advanced courses, then you can get a license for a restricted motorcycle class and eventually apply for the R-date license.

Wear the Right Gear

Wearing the right gear while riding is another essential. If not, you could put yourself at risk in case of a fall or accident. Aside from a helmet as mentioned above, you should also look into buying a motor jacket that’s high-abrasion grade leather. In addition to this, you may want to get a pair of gloves, boots, as well as protective pants. This can be relatively expensive, but it’s best to buy quality items, so it doesn’t have to be replaced too regularly. Buying heavy-duty gear can also help you stay warm during the winter.

Riding a motorbike can be a thrilling hobby as well as something that proves to be good for your health. There are so many people around the world who share in the love for this sport that it’s also a good activity to bond over. However, to make sure you get the most out of your bike, being safe and adopting the right maintenance culture is essential.