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Here Is What You Get When A Carpenter Crafts a Custom Motorcycle

A Wooden Fairing

yamaha xsr700 Hommage wooden faring motorcycle
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Beautiful Craftsmanship

When we think of custom motorcycles, we think of welding, new parts and components, and high-performance, generally. But George Woodman decided to go with one of the oldest materials known to man, wood.

He calls the creation, Hommage. It’s a Yamaha XSR700 that’s been heavily customized. The chief piece of custom work that stands out on this bike is the beechwood fairing.

According to RideApart, Woodman said he has spent more hours than he cares to admit hand sanding the fairing until it was crafted into the perfect shape. From there, he did an overlay of fiberglass and resin to protect it from the elements.

The fairing is just the most noticeable part of the bike, but it’s all been gone over. There’s Ohlins suspension, K&N air filters, XRace exhaust, Pirelli Diablo SuperCorsa tires, a customs eat, and a custom paint job that compliments the bike’s unique fairing.

You can see more about this unique machine on Woodman’s website. It’s worth checking out up close.