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These Royal Enfield Side Car Motorcycles Riding Across a Lake Is What Your Winter Needs

Royal Enfield

Sidecar Motorcycles for the Win

Royal Enfield recently posted a video of a team of adventurers going on an expedition across the frozen Mongolian landscape, including the frozen lake of Khovshol. The bikes and sidecars managed to power through the snow for a seriously epic adventure to visit the smallest recognized tribe of people in the world. 

The video is produced, written, and shot beautifully. The Royal Enfield Bullets and their sidecars look awesome, and this video is enough to make you want to buy a Bullet and go on an amazing adventure out into the wilderness. Clement Gargoullaud put the movie together for the company, and he did an amazing job. 

The trip appears to be quite the undertaking. Even on three wheels, it’d be tough to traverse the frozen landscape that the video shows. What’s even more impressive is that the journey was done on Bullet motorcycles, not some hardcore off-road machine or adventure bike.

It just goes to show that you can have seriously awesome adventures on any bike, you don’t need an adventure touring machine to experience something awesome. With that said, the Bullets were modified and prepped for the journey. If you’re going to do a crazy adventure on a bike that’s typically used for the street, I suggest you also prep your ride ahead of time.

Check out the film below.