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The Yamaha D’Elight 125 Is Here for Your Commuting Needs

A Simple and Affordable Scooter

Yamaha d'elight 125

Just What You Needed for Your Commute

Public transit in the days of COVID-19 might not seem like a great idea. That’s where small scooters can come into play and literally save the day. One that caught my eye recently is the 2020 Yamaha D’elight 125. The little scooter is an affordable bike, economical to own, and easy to ride (like most scooters, to be honest).

The bike has a slim body and compact body, making it easy to park just about anywhere. It has pretty classic scooter styling that’s neither polarizing nor too boring. Powering the little bike is a 125cc Blue Core engine with a CVT transmission. That means it’s a twist-n-go machine.

There’s under-seat storage big enough for some shopping, a full-face helmet, or a laptop. The bike also has a clamp-style hook on the leg shields so you can hook some small bags and sit them between your feet. The scooter gets a 12-inch front wheel and a 10-inch rear wheel. The bike also has Yamaha’s unified braking system.

Overall, it looks like a nice little scooter. The bike is offered with a $3,599 AUD, including 12 months registration. If you want to learn more, check out the Yamaha Australian website.