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The Vanucci Compression Dry Bags Look Cool

vanucci dry bag

Stay Dry, Stay Compact

Having a good dry bag can be a necessity when you’re riding long distances and through inclement weather. It will keep your stuff good and dry and keep you happy when you get to your destination. However, some dry bags are bulky. Vanucci compression dry bags are here to solve that problem. 

The bags offer a roll-top and buckle design similar to pretty much all other dry bags, but these ones have a unique compression system installed on them. Simply pack up the bag, roll it down and clip it, then work the valve and push all the air out of the bag. This allows you to pack everything you need while taking up as little space as possible on your bike.

Vanucci offers 5, 10, and 25-liter sizes. The 5-liter bag measures 28 centimeters by 18 centimeters. The 10-liter bag measures 40 cm by 22 cm. The 25-liter bag measures 61 cm by 24 cm. The price will vary depending on the dealer. RideApart notes that one European retailer had the bags listed for between $22.50 and $34. That’s pretty reasonable.

Just remember you’ll need tie-downs or straps. These bags don’t come with them. Also, at this time I can’t vouch for the quality. They look like good bags, but we’d need to do a review to really be able to tell you for sure.