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The Urbet Nura Is a New Electric Motorcycle

Urbet Nura

It’s a 125cc Equivalent

The Spanish scooter company Urbet has a new electric motorcycle called the Nura. The bike isn’t some high-powered crazy machine. It’s actually pretty mild, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 

The bike is a 125cc equivalent. It is manufactured by Wuxi Dongma in China for Urbet. The bike features a Bosch HUB Qs 8kW electric motor. The battery on this bike is a 72-volt 100aH unit. The top speed is 87 mph. The estimated range is about 75 miles to 118 miles, depending on how you ride. It weighs 330.7 pounds.

All told, these specs don’t sound too bad. Sure, it’s not on the same performance level with something like the LiveWire, but it’ll do about the same range and it doesn’t cost anywhere nearly as much as Harley’s EV. The Urbet Nura costs $8,344. That price doesn’t include shipping and whatnot, but it’s still a reasonable ask. The bike doesn’t look too bad either. It’s kind of boring, but it’s not totally ugly.

While this isn’t a terrible-looking machine, it’s also hardly unique. There are plenty of other electric bikes out there with similar specs. Also, at that price point, you’re flirting with Zero Motorcycle’s prices. I’d feel more comfortable buying a Zero than this.