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The Ultraviolette F77 Electric Superbike Is Gorgeous

Ultraviolette F77

India’s First High-Performance Electric Bike

The company Ultraviolette says its F77 is the country’s first high-performance electric motorcycle. My hat’s off to them based just on looks alone. Of course, the image above is a rendering and the images on the company’s website for the model look a little different. Either way, this is a truly handsome machine. The startup company used aviation principles, according to GaadiWaadi, to make this shapely motorcycle. It has an aggressive look to it, as a high-performance machine should.

The stats are pretty impressive, too. There’s a 25 kW power output or about 33.5 hp. GaadiWaadi also reported that the bike makes 450 Nm of torque. That’s over 330 lb-ft if I’m doing my math right. The bike can do a 0-60 mph sprint in 4.5 seconds. I’m not seeing any range numbers for this machine, but the company did say that there are plenty of charging stations in India to alleviate range anxiety. The bike will also come with a charger for you to use at home.

The bike is supposed to be revealed in full on November 13. It will be revealed in India, and I can only assume this bike will be for the Indian market only. I hope they expand because this is the kind of electric motorcycle I’d like to own.