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The Triumph Trekker GT Is the Company’s First Electric Bicycle

Triumph Trekker GT

A New Way To Get Around on a Triumph

Electric motorcycles are going to become more prevalent with major manufacturers, but before we see those, many seem to be turning to e-bikes, as in bicycles. Triumph recently revealed its first e-bike ever, the Trekker GT. This marks the first of what could be a new line of bikes from Triumph.

The Trekker GT features a 250W Shimano electric motor that puts out 44.25 lb-ft of torque. The system uses a 504Wh battery. You have a range of 93 miles with that (the bike is pedal-assisted, so you do have to pedal). The frame of the bike is hydro-formed aluminum and the battery, wiring, and much of the drivetrain are cleverly packaged into this minimalist frame.

There’s a small digital display made by Shimano that showcases speed, distance, trip time, gear (there are 10), and remaining battery power range. The bike also gets Shimano Deore M6000 disc brakes. There’s also fully integrated LED lighting, mudguards, and a rack on the back. Overall, this looks to be an excellent commuting machine.

What’s interesting is that Triumph actually started out in 1884 as a bicycle company based in Coventry. This Trekker GT is the first e-bike in the company’s history and the first new Triumph bicycle since the 1970s. The price of the new Trekker GT is $3,318. That sounds high, but when you consider that some high-end bicycles can go for double that, it actually sounds pretty reasonable.

triumph Trekker GT close ups