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The Super Soco CPx Maxi Scooter Is a Better Electric Scooter

Super Soco CPx scooter

Electric Super Sized

The Super Soco CPx Maxi Scooter is no small scooter, it’s a rather large machine that has been referred to as super-sized. It’s also electric. This maxi scooter is a 125cc equivalent machine and sounds like it could be a real winner.

The CPx offers a comfortable riding position with room to stretch out. However, it’s not quite as large as some other maxi scooters out there.

The bike features 87 miles of range per charge thanks to two 60-volt 45-Ah batteries (you can buy just a single battery, but it will decrease range). The electric motor can propel this bike to 56 miles per hour (top speed). The bike also comes with a 16-inch wheel up front and a 14-inch wheel in the rear. The scooter has a 4 kW hub motor that puts out 126 lb-ft of torque.  

There’s a big, comfy-looking seat for both the rider and the passenger and a windscreen to keep the wind from becoming too tiresome. This scooter also comes with a connected app complete with tracking and diagnostics, which should make what minimal maintenance you do have on this machine even easier to do.

The bike will be hitting UK showrooms in September and will come with a $4,711 price tag for the single battery version and $6,152 for the dual-battery version.