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The Sena 50 Series Is Up on the Website

sena 50 series

Get the Latest Sena Headsets

My colleague Bruce Cole brought it to my attention that Sena’s new 50 Series, which is the next generation for Bluetooth and Mesh Intercom headsets is now up on the company’s website. Sena has been showing off the technology at various motorcycle shows, but now the products are up on the company’s website.

Here are some of the highlights of the new Sena 50 Series:

  • Mesh 2.0
  • Bluetooth 5 enabled
  • Updated and redesigned speakers
  • Support of multi-language voice commands
  • Digital assistant access
  • Fast charging time reduced by 30 percent
  • Simplified layout with only three buttons

All of these things should make the Sena 50 Series of products better than ever before. Sena has some great intercoms, but lately, I’ve been more impressed with Cardo’s tech. However, I have not had a chance to look at the 50 Series or test it out.

Bruce said that he’s chatting with the folks at Sena to get a 50 Series to review. So there’s a very good chance that we will have a review for you all in the future. When that happens, we’ll let you know if it’s something worth buying. My guess is that it will be one of the best out there, but as to whether it’s the best has yet to be seen.