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The Nito N4 Electric Motorcycle Concept Is Here to Challenge the 125cc Bikes

Nito N4

Small and Ready to Go

The funky little supermoto you see here is the Nito N4. The bike was revealed at EICMA last year, but somehow it slipped by me. Asphalt & Rubber recently brought the bike up and it’s a killer little machine. The electric motorcycle has supermoto style in a small 125cc comparable package. 

The electric bike makes 15 hp and is perfect for bombing around a city (silently). According to the company, the bike can do 90 miles per charge and can reach a top speed of 90 mph. It weighs just 385 pounds. The specs are pretty good for such a simple-looking thing.

Nito N4

The bike is a unique thing. It blends supermoto styling with flat tracker elements and even has a somewhat futuristic look to it with the two big LED light bars mounted vertically up-front. The bike features a double-wishbone front suspension system and a rear mono-shock with a single-sided swingarm.

It’s unclear when or even if this bike will move beyond the concept phase, but the company already offers a couple of different scooters and one minibike. I would think that the N4 would make a lot of sense for the company, and I hope they do move forward with the concept.