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The New Shad Terra Luggage for ADV Bikes Revealed

Shad Terra

The Luggage Looks Pretty Great, Too

Shad’s new Terra luggage is designed to be ready for just about anything. These aluminum hard side cases and a top case offer some seriously good-sized options for adventure riders. Our contributor Bruce Cole tipped me off to these today, and he was able to get me some good images (shown in the gallery below). I was so focused on the bikes at EICMA that this wasn’t even on my radar.

Shad hasn’t released a whole ton of info on these yet, and Bruce said he’s waiting on some more information from them, but he did say he’ll likely be testing these at some point in the future. I’m really looking forward to seeing the specifics on these. All I know at the moment is that they’re aluminum, offer the only integrated double locking system, and look to be of various sizes.

The company did post a video to YouTube about the Terra luggage line. It shows a Honda Africa Twin equipped with them riding through some stunning landscape and along some beautiful trails. In the video, you can see there are two different sizes of sid case.

It’s a good-looking set, and I could see these being really awesome to have on your adventure bike. They will be out in 2020. Pricing hasn’t been announced. You can check out the video below to see them up close and keep an eye out for more info and likely a review from Bruce at some point.