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The New Kumpan 54i Electric Scooters Up the Ante

kumpan electric scooter

A Better Electric Scoot

The future is likely electric, or at least that’s what the Germany based scooter company Kumpan is hoping. The company just released two new versions of its electric scooter. In the company’s 54i range, it now has a 54 Impulse and the 54 Ignite. Both utilize a similar design to the company’s 54 Inspire scooter, but they offer better performance.

The 54 Impulse gets a 4kW motor and can do 44 mph. It can do 62 miles per charge. Its sibling is the 54 Ignite, which has a 7 kW motor that can get it up to 62 mph. The range on this scooter is slightly higher at 68 miles. The batteries in both scooters are removable, allowing you to take them into a building or home for charging.

kumpan electric scooter
Image from Kumpan

Both scooters get some advanced features like a 7-inch touch display, a GPS tracker, four ride modes, and an app for you to connect your smartphone and get relevant stats such as battery level. Also, both scooters have a nice blend of retro styling and modern styling. This includes LED lighting and curvy, Vespa-like bodywork. Overall, these scooters look like an excellent option for commuters.

They will be sold in Europe for approximately $8,120 for the 54 Ignite and $6,960 for the 54 Impulse. The 54 Impulse will start production later this year, and the 54 Ignite is currently available.