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The New IXS 1100 2.2 Full Face Helmet Is Affordable And Has Six New Colors

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$119 and Full of Features

The new IXS 1100 2.2 is a low priced full-face helmet option that comes with full ECE 22.05 certification at a fraction of its competitor’s cost.

How cheap is cheap? $119 is cheap, and that’s exactly how much this helmet costs. Granted, you’ll be sacrificing some functionality and benefits that would come along with a more expensive lid, but if you’re in the market for a cheap helmet to get you from point A to B, this is a good option.

IXS is a gear maker from Switzerland, but if you’re located in Germany shipping will be free (I assume this is due to the location of their warehouses/manufacturing).

ISX mentions that this helmet is jam-packed full of comfort features such as removable, breathable, and washable cheek pads, adequate ventilation, and a pin-lock ready visor. Out of all the specs and features that this helmet comes with, the drop-down sun visor was very surprising given the wickedly low pricing for the lid itself. 

The biggest drawback for this helmet in my opinion is the fact that it only comes in two shell sizes, meaning that if you buy a size large, your head’s silhouette is more than likely to be the same size as someone wearing an XXL, accentuating the dreaded ‘bobblehead effect’.

Beyond the features, the helmet comes in a total of six color options. The livery is serviceable and the lid comes in some good color options to keep you visible on the road. As I mentioned previously, this helmet is only going to run you $119, so if you’re in the market for a cheap every-day comfort-oriented bucket on a budget it’s worth looking into.