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The New Honda Forza Is Coming

honda forza

Upgrades to a Very Popular Scooter

Outside the U.S. the Honda Forza scooter is an extremely popular machine. According to some newly leaked information from Freeman Rider, it looks like Honda has a new Forza scooter in the works. 

The current Forza has a 279cc engine in it. That will be upgraded to 329cc. That should make the Forza a little peppier. The bike should also get an engine that’s up to snuff in terms of emissions, which will ensure Honda can keep selling these scooters for the foreseeable future.

The styling of the Forza will be updated, too. The bike will also get an electronically adjustable windscreen, emergency stop signal, LED lights, dual-channel ABS, a USB charger for your phone, Honda SMART key/SMART controller, and a cup holder among other things. 

More details will come out at a later date. Until then, riders looking for a new Forza should probably wait a bit until the new one comes out. It sounds like this will be a seriously killer bike. I know scooters aren’t the most stylish of machines, but dang are they handy and great little commuting machines.