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How To Avoid Accidents and Personal Injury When Out On The Road

Road accidents account for a lot of damages, deaths and injuries in the world. Every year, hundreds of road accidents occur across most countries. Commonly, for those using motorcycles, these mishaps have more severe consequences because they ride in the open and bikes don’t provide the structural protection that cars do.

Common reasons of motorbike accidents

According to statistics, motorcycle riders are thirty-five times more likely to die from an accident than car drivers. This alarming figure is one reason why you should be aware of the most common causes of motorbike accidents, so you can be more careful to avoid them the next time you’re out on the road.

1. Cars crossing the road or turning

Because of the bike’s relatively smaller size, other motorists often miss it. Responsible driving dictates that when turning left, a driver must ensure that no other vehicle is approaching from the other lane. Sometimes, drivers only take note of passing cars and not motorcycles in checking who has the right-of-way.

In this situation, accountability usually falls on the driver. If you get into this kind of accident and get hurt, contact a lawyer immediately to get legal protection. You can visit here to know what your rights are in case of personal injury.

2. Bikers making fast turns

Approaching sharp turns at high speeds can cause the bike to touch the ground, possibly resulting in the rider losing control. These types of crashes are common in inexperienced motorcyclists who have yet to understand how quickly roads can change or are unfamiliar with how their bikes handle turns.

3. Splitting lanesmost common road accidents

When traffic is slow-moving or at a standstill, some bikers have the habit of driving between two lanes, or lane splitting*. This is risky because:

  • There is too little space to maneuver between vehicles
  • Traffic movement can abruptly change
  • Most car drivers don’t expect a vehicle to pass them during a traffic jam and might not notice the motorcycle

4. Encountering road hazards

Your motorcycle isn’t as stable as a car because it has only two wheels; therefore, you will encounter more risks while on the road. When riding, be on the lookout for these hazards that can cause you to lose traction or control:

  • Loose gravel
  • Potholes
  • Slick patches
  • Bumps and uneven road heights
  • Scattered debris and dead animals

5. Speeding and alcohol use

About half of accidents can be blamed on speeding and alcohol. An intoxicated driver is less alert and has slower reflexes, so he isn’t able to promptly react to situations. It is likewise easy to lose control of a bike when riding fast. High-speed crashes are more likely to result in serious or fatal injuries.

Motorcycles are cool, gets you faster to where you’re going, and saves you money on gas. But they are also risky. When out on the road, be a safe and responsible rider by staying away from these common but preventable accidents.

(* The only state where lane splitting is legal in the USA is California.)

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