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The Microletta Looks Like a Cartoon Reverse Trike Scooter

Microlino Microletta

A Different Kind of Electric Scooter

Electric scooters will be an important part of the motorcycle world in the future. They are quickly gaining momentum in certain areas of the world, actually all electric motorcycles are. Now the Swiss company Microlino has a new three-wheeled scooter called the Microlino. The company plans to unveil the concept bike at the 2020 Geneva Auto Show in March. 

The bike is said to be able to be ridden with your regular driver’s license, which means you don’t need your motorcycle endorsement. The scooter has a tilting front end, so the bike does lean from side-to-side in the corners but that system locks at stoplights to keep the scooter upright. You don’t need to hold the bike up, put your feet down at a stop, or even use a kickstand when you park.

The scooter features two batteries taht are removable and swappable. The claimed range for them is 62 miles. The batteries are suppossed to charge iin just four hours, and the scooter can travel up to nearly 50 mph. 

The scooter is just a concept at this point, but Microlino is taking non-binding reservations for them. You can reserve yours for $5,333. The U.S. is included on the list of countries the company plans to ship to.