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The iXS Backpack Day Debuts

iXS Backpack Day

A Day Pack

If you’re like me, you enjoy a good day out on the bike, and a relaxing tour on your bike for a day can really do a lot to put you at ease. For those day trips, iXS has a new piece of gear for you the Backpack Day, according to a press release. This backpack is designed to be comfortable to wear all day long while you ride.

The iXS Backpack Day features ergonomic padded straps that can be adjusted in numerous ways. There are also chest and belly straps so you can really cinch it down when needed. The pack is designed to sit snugly against your body no matter how many items you put inside.

There are zippered extensions to open up additional volume depending on what exactly you’re hoping to take with you on your ride. The pack has a 20-liter storage capacity, which should be plenty for a simple day trip. There are also two exterior pockets for smaller items that you might need easy access to.

At the moment, I can’t speak to the quality of the backpack, but its features sound excellent if used in the way it’s designed. It would be great for me or someone else on Web Bike World’s team to review this backpack soon to see if it is an option worth purchasing.