The Delfast Top 3.0 Electric Bike Is Pretty Much a Motorcycle

Delfast Top 3.0

Speedy and With Good Range

Electric bicycle manufacturer Delfast has a new bike called the Top 3.0, but it’s not really much of a bicycle. It’s really more of an electric motorcycle. The bicycle company has created an electric bike that challenged or bests many of the electric motorcycles out there. The new Top 3.0 is an impressive machine. 

The bike features a carbon fiber belt drive. That drive sends power from the electric motor to the rear wheel. The bike has a 72v 48ah Panasonic battery. That battery makes it good for a claimed 200-mile range. The bike weighs just 154 pounds. The Top 3.0’s electric motor is a 3000W unit with 134 lb-ft of peak torque. The top speed is 50 mph. So it’s no highway machine, but it’s darn impressive in every other way.

The bike also gets double-disc hydraulic brakes up front and a single disc in the rear. There’s also a color display, a USB connection, mirrors and turn signals, start/stop button, GPS should you want it, and an anti-theft system. Oh, and it has pedals. If you wanted to you could pedal this thing. 

The company will ship these bikes anywhere in the world. MSRP is $6,649 if sold to U.S buyers. You’ll get a special deal if you buy before June 30th because you’ll be one of the first to order. Delfast will knock the price to $5,649. When buying, keep in mind that you can get some upgrades from the company like panniers or a cargo trailer.

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  1. Rex Schad
    October 23, 2021

    Delfast Top 3.0 new bike has major issues ! Customer service is so bad, warranty work should be addressed ASAP.
    Where do we get bike parts from ? Not bike accessories !
    Evidently we have to fix these things ourselves as we can not get any answers on our new bike related issues.

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