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The Christini AWD Kit For Your KTM Looks Awesome

Christini AWD for a KTM
Image by Christini

Imagine How Cool This Would Be

All-wheel drive is commonplace on cars, but it’s far more rare on motorcycles. There are some people out there playing with the idea, and now, Christini has a kit you can buy and bolt on your own KTM bike. The kit is designed for KTM’s adventure bikes and can be used to help them navigate especially difficult terrain.

According to ADV Pulse, the kit is mechanical and takes power from the countershaft sprocket and routes it through chains and driveshafts to a gearbox housed in the lower triple clamp. From that gearbox two driveshafts route power to the wheel. The company shared a video of the kit in action on one of KTM’s motorcycles. You can check that video out below.

As you can see in the video, you have to actively switch on the system. It’s also clear that it can pull you out of a tough spot that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to power through with power only going to one wheel. Steve Christini, the owner of the company, said his AWD system is different than a lot of people think, “it’s a traction control system that backloads the rear wheel and keeps it from over spinning.”

In other words, the front wheel isn’t always receiving power. It’s only doing so when the rear wheel begins to lose traction. This is achieved by a unique front wheel hub that allows the wheel to receive power when needed and spin freely when it doesn’t need it. It’s a smart and unique solution.

The kit should be available this summer. With a price tag of $4,500, you’ll be paying quite a bit for the privilege of having power to more than just your rear wheel.