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Technological Advances That Make Motorcycling Safer

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Vehicular accidents are some of the leading causes of death in the United States. While cars do indeed make up majority of the death toll (because cars are capable of carrying more people than motorcycles), motorcycle riders are more likely to sustain injuries or even die during accidents.

It’s because of this fact that motorcycle safety technologies deserve as much attention, if not more than, what we give to car safety technologies. Motorcycle riders are more exposed to the environment, there’s less protection, and it’s more difficult to ride a motorcycle than to drive a car.

So, as motorcycle enthusiasts, we should always be on the lookout for measures that can be taken in order to help us avoid accidents from the start and to also help increase our chances of survival in the unfortunate event that we do find ourselves in an accident. One remedy, should we find ourselves caught up in an accident, is to hire lawyers like the ones at The Riders’ Lawyers. They specialize in handling car accident cases.

But the old adage still rings true here: It is better to prevent, than to cure. So, what technologies might help you survive or even prevent motorcycle accidents? Read on, dear readers.

Adaptive Headlights

J.W. Speaker 8790 adaptive cornering headlights
J.W. Speaker 8790 adaptive cornering headlights

One thing that motorcycle riders tend to avoid is riding at dusk and at night. This is because their visibility is limited by the size of their headlights and also by the fact that they need to tilt their bike in order to corner properly. This means that during the tilt, the road directly ahead of is only slightly illuminated. Adaptive headlights grant ample lighting through the use of electric sensors and a pivot that allows the headlight to swing as the motorcycle goes into a corner. The pivot ensures that the way directly ahead of the rider is lit, even during a tilting turn.

Airbag Protective Clothingmotogp airbag suits

Some vests, bodysuits, and motorcycle jackets come equipped with a computer system that’s able to detect when an accident is imminent. The computer system is capable of reacting within a few milliseconds. While this technology has been around for quite some time, its use in the consumer market is still in its infancy. This technology was once exclusive to professional motorcycle racers but it is gradually becoming more available to the average biker.

V2V CommunicationRide Vision road safety automated vehicle autonomous riderless dirverless

Vehicle to vehicle communication is different from the other items mentioned in this article in the sense that this technology is still under development. This is based on the premise that most accidents happen because the drivers involved in the accident are not aware of the presence of each other.

Vehicle to vehicle communication makes use of short-range radios to allow vehicles to make each other’s presence known. While nothing beats the trained senses of a seasoned driver, the technology will be able to detect other vehicles even in zero visibility conditions, which is incredibly invaluable when you talk about accident prevention.