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SWM plans bigger V-twin engines

SWM Gran Milano cafe racer engines

Italian motorcycle company SWM is planning to expand from single-cylinder engines into V-twins in sizes from 350cc to 1200cc.

The engines, made by their Chinese owner Shineray, would be the company’s first multi-cylinder units.

Currently, SWM Australia imports three enduro, one super moto, two adventure and three classic road motorcycles, all using air-cooled single-cylinder engines from Husqvarna and Shineray.

We have tested the Gran Milano cafe racer ($7990 ride away) and the Silver Vase scrambler ($7490). The Gran Turismo naked roadster is also $7490.

SWM Silver Vase 440 scrambler engines
SWM Silver Vase 440 scrambler

V-twin prototypes

The liquid-cooled, DOHC V-twin prototype engines were presented at Shineray’s recent 20th anniversary event with both SWM and Shineray logos.

There is no production schedule yet, but they are expected to begin soon with 350 and 500cc engines, followed by 850cc and 1200cc models.

We expect most of the new multi-cylinder models all be road-based or adventure models.

SWM V-twin engines by Shineray
SWM V-twin engine by Shineray

SWM history

SWM (Sironi Vergani Vimercate Milano) was founded in 1971 and forged a formidable reputation in trials and enduro.

It was liquidated in 1984 and given a new lease on life in 2014 with funding from the Chinese Shineray Group.

Their new range of dirt and road bikes is Italian designed and built in the same production plant in Lombadia, Italy, where the company started. Some engine components are made in China.