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Survey: How do you rate helmet comfort?

Your chance to have a say

How not to wear a motorcycle helmet fitting

The Australian Motorcycle Council is asking riders to help them work out a rating system for helmet comfort via an online survey.

Results will be supplied to the Australian Consumer Rating and Assessment of Safety Helmets (CRASH) working group to review.

They will include these results in their helmet comfort rating system.

The survey asks riders to rate helmets on seven factors:

  1. Visor’s ability to resist fogging up
  2. Ability to seal out moisture
  3. Noise inside helmet
  4. Ventilation inside helmet
  5. Aerodynamic neck loading (a wind tunnel test)
  6. Helmet weight
  7. Peripheral view

CRASH is run by a consortium of government agencies, insurance companies and the Australian Motorcycle Council to provide riders with independent and consistent information on the levels of protection from injury in a crash provided by motorcycle helmets and the comfort level of the helmet.

It is similar to the comprehensive British SHARP helmet safety scheme which has tested and rated hundreds of helmets.

But they don’t rate comfort which can be just as important as safety because a helmet that is not comfortable can be a distraction that could cause a crash.

Of particular interest in Australia is the ability to keep your head cool in our oppressive summer heat and humidity.

Sadly it is nearly impossible to test the comfort of a helmet in a shop.

You only get to test that once you buy the helmet and ride with it for several hours. And then it’s too late if you discover painful pressure points, or noise, aero and ventilation issues.

Perhaps we need testing rooms at motorcycle shops where you can try on a helmet and sit on a couch for an hour with a fan blowing hot air at your head!

Meanwhile, an independent helmet comfort rating system is a good guide.

So get cracking and fill in the survey now by clicking here.  It only takes seconds.

But be quick as the survey closes on 13 December 2021.