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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
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Why is this Motorcycle Rally that much better than the rest of them?


There are lots of great events when it comes to almost all activities, and motorcycle riding is no exception. People from all over the country are interested in attending the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally for themselves. It is difficult to really compare anything to some of the massive fan conventions that manage to attract people from all over the world, but this is certainly one of the largest events in the American motorcycle riding world. People are going to be able to ride their bikes in lots of different events that are going to emphasize all of the natural beauty of Sturgis while also allowing people to be able to show off a lot of their biking skills, which have managed to get them this far and which are going to potentially allow them to win new friends and admirers in a place where bikers from all around the United States are going to be able to bond with one another.

The big thing to remember about a rally like this is that it is primarily going to be a social occasion. The people who are doing this rally are going to be interested in riding, of course. However, they are going to be that much more interested in other riders. The biker dating sites that people are going to find all the time will sometimes recommend that people try to meet other bikers at events and rallies like this one. Some people have met their future spouses at places like this. Other people have managed to create and sustain new social networks at places like this. The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is just the kind of place that is going to manage to bring people together, even if it is the kind of place where people are going to enjoy the giddy thrill of drag racing on their bikes against one another.

Bikers everywhere are going to get the opportunity to see and to meet a lot of the people who are famous in the modern world of biking. They’ll be able to get a sense of who is famous if they are relatively new to the biking world, and they’re going to automatically feel a strong sense of being involved with the community even if they are fairly new. This is a rally that is going to serve as an introduction for some. This is also a rally that is going to let a lot of the older members of the subculture feel like they belong. This is a rally that is going to be equally open to the people who are new to biking and to the people who feel that they have been involved with the world of biking forever, which is going to make it that much more of a friendly environment for everyone.

People who are not very good at biking might have something of a tough time on some of the events. However, these people are still going to be able to have fun with the pub crawl and some of the other events. The people who are really skilled at biking are going to be able to show off a lot of their best skills at last, probably in a way that is going to be really difficult for them wherever they call home. This place is going to feel like home for a lot of the most seasoned bikers, and the Sturgis Biker Rally creates memories for all participants.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is going to take place in Sturgis, South Dakota from the eighth of August to the fourteenth of August. The rally itself began in the year 1938, and it has managed to flourish nicely since then. This is going to be the 76th Annual 2016 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, making it a true landmark for the people who are interested in everything to do with motorcycles. The rally itself has certainly changed somewhat over the years, and the people who have been going there every year can mentally track the progress themselves.


Sturgis Mayor’s Legends of Racing Pub Crawl

This is an event that is going to be much more about socializing than it is about riding, unlike a good portion of the other events that are taking place at the Motorcycle Meetup. People will be able to sample some of the great local drinks while they are able to bond with lots of the other racing legends that have made the racing world what it is today. People are at the rally to bond and to enjoy racing, and they’re going to be able to do both at the Sturgis Mayor’s Legends of Racing Pub Crawl.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Events

Fourteenth Annual Mayor’s Ride

This is very much going to be a ride for the celebrities, which is going to make it that much more entertaining. The mayor of Sturgis, Mark Carstensen, is going to be riding with Kevin Windham. Kevin Windham is something of a legend in the motorcycling world. These people are going to be riding with other motorcycling enthusiasts, as well as other legislators and other legislators. This is a ride that is going to be exciting and inclusive at the same time.

Third Annual Boz Bros Ride

This is a ride that is going to take place through the Black Hills of South Dakota, which is a very curved and steep terrain. The ride is going to take place on August Tenth, or the second day of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Eric and Ben Bostrom, the celebrity tour guides and leaders of the Boz Bros ride, areAMA National Champions as well as former World Superbike competitors. It’s going to be hard for anyone to find better guides than this through such a beautiful area.

Sturgis Drag

Escape The Cage Custom Motorcycles Chicks on Choppers...

This is a ride that is specifically dedicated to all of the enthusiastic women riders that have helped make the motorcycling world what it is today. Michelle Thomson is going to be the guide for this ride. She has been on a bike since she was thirteen, and women like her helped pave the way for the other women who are now in the motorcycling world, which has become more inclusive when it comes to gender as of late. Michelle Thomson has also been heavily involved in the tourist industry in South Dakota, so there are few guides more qualified than her for a ride like this.

Carey Hart Good Ride

Only one hundred and twenty-five riders are going to be able to participate in the Carey Hart Good Ride, so people should not procrastinate when it comes to signing up for it. The registration is going to take place months in advance for a ride that is going to be as popular as this one. TheRCH Factory Suzuki race team owner and motorcycling celebrity Carey Hart is going to be there. The entire Carey Hart Good Ride is going to begin at the Sturgis Dragway, for the people who are lucky enough to participate.

Here is an even more extensive list (with maps) of motorcycle roads to ride in South Dakota

Sturgis Rally Drags

People are going to be able to participate in some real drag racing with this competition. This event is going to last six days, so some people are going to focus on this event throughout the entirety of their time at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Racers can enjoy nine different classes, including the Top Fuel, Pro Eliminator, ProCharger, Dakota V-Twin Super Gas,Victory Pro Gas/Pro Stock, S&S Pro Dragster, Super Comp, Street Eliminator, and Brock’s ET Class. This is an event for the people who really love the adrenaline associated with motorcycle riding.

Sturgis Weather

There is a reason why this sort of event and series of events is being held in the summertime in the first place. South Dakota has somewhat unpredictable weather. The weather has been in the mid thirties on the Fahrenheit scale throughout the month of March. For the summertime, however, it should be warm, and the people who visit the Rally should plan accordingly. This is an outdoor hobby and an outdoor sport in every way.

Places to Stay in Sturgis

People are going to need to plan the trip carefully, since this is going to be one of the busiest seasons when it comes to lodging. Fortunately, there are more than three hundred great places to stay in Sturgis, so the people who leave everything late are still going to manage to find a place in most cases. There will be a wide range of different places as well, so people who don’t want to spend a lot won’t have to, and the people who want the best are going to be able to secure it for themselves.

Buying Motorcycles

Almost anyone who is interested in a rally like this is going to have a personal motorcycle. What’s more, these people are going to have motorcycles that they love and cherish, usually from brands that they swear are the best of the best in every way. However, for whatever reason, there are plenty of dealers and places where people can get the motorcycles that they might want if they are interested in making a change in time for the rally, even if the rally is already happening. These are also places that are going to be able to repair the motorcycles if necessary.

Concerts at Sturgis

There is not a great deal of information available for whatever concerts are going to take place at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, but there have been events like this in the past. It would not surprise anyone to find them at the 2016 Rally for this year. Some people are going to have to enjoy them without a great deal of planning if they want to know all of the details months in advance, but there should be plenty of live music opportunities at the Rally.

Photo Gallery

Sturgis on Pinterest

People who want to be able to have an idea of what they can expect at the Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally are going to be able to benefit from all of the picture of the rallies that have come before, usually with a lot of the same events. They will be able to get a visual sense of what is in store for them when they participate in the Sturgis Biker Event. The photo gallery is going to be that much more useful for the people who have never been to this rally before. Everyone was new once, and people aren’t going to have to feel too new when they see all these pictures.

Contact Information for Sturgis

Facebook  (because everything is on Facebook)

It is going to be easy for people to learn more about the upcoming Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. There is plenty of contact information available for it now. The Facebook page is updated every few hours or so, giving people plenty of information when it comes to staying connected with other people who might be attending the event. People can read articles that are all about motorcycles in general, such as the eternal helmet debate.


Twitter is a resource for the people who want information that is going to be even more instant, and that is what people are going to be able to get on the Twitter page. They’ll have access to all sorts of great motorcycle pictures, which should get them that much more excited to attend when the time finally comes. There are nearly twenty thousand followers on the Twitter page for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which illustrates the popularity of this massive event several months in advance. The numbers are only getting more extensive.


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