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Study Suggests the Design of a Gas Tank Can Have an Impact on Injuries

2020 Honda Africa Twin

Your Bike Hits Something, You and Your Motorcycle Collide

When we think of a crash, we think of the bike colliding with another object. However, that’s not the only collision that happens, the rider’s body also collides with the bike.

Interestingly, a study by Neuroscience Research Australia came to the conclusion that the design of the gas tank on a motorcycle will impact the severity of the impact to your pelvis. 

The gist of the study is that motorcycles with large gas tanks are more likely to cause serious damage to your pelvis.

Injuries from you hitting your groin on the gas tank of a motorcycle can cause all types of issues, including sexual and your ability to urinate.

Adventure and dual-sport machines are some of the worst offenders of having dangerously shaped gas tanks. The reason is because they often come up higher on the bike than with others. Cruisers are the next worst offenders.

In terms of safety for your pelvis and groin, a flatter smoother gas tank is the best.