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Spidi Showcases Step-In Armor Technology in the Mission-T H2Out Jacket

Spidi Mission T

A Three-Layer Jacket

Spidi recently emailed us about its unique Step-In Armor technology for its latest gear, including the Mission-T H2Out Jacket. The technology is supposed to make the gear highly customizable for whatever conditions you end up riding in. The Mission-T H2Out Jacket is a perfect example. It’s a three-layer jacket that can be worn in six different configurations.

This allows you to have one jacket that is good for every riding situation you can encounter while you’re out there doing your thing. Check out the image below to see how all of it fits together and to see the six different configurations, including the adventure configurations: warm, wet, and cold; and the off-the-bike configurations: warm, wet, and cold.

Spidi Mission T H2Out Jacket configurations

The three layers that make this possible are armor, soft shell, and hard shell. The armor layer is made of mesh and polyamide with CE-certified Warrior protectors. It can be worn alone if you want. The next layer is the soft shell one. It features a thermal jacket equipped with Comforce technology. You can also wear this by itself if you’d like. Last, but certainly not least, is the hard shell outer layer. It features Toray® Dermizax® fabric that’s waterproof yet breathable.

Hopefully, we’ll get one of these jackets to test out soon so we can review it and tell you all about it.