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Speeding riders detour to avoid police

Mt Mee police blitz after residents complain

Speeding riders allegedly conducting time trials on Mt Mee Rd have been seen taking a detour along Robinson Rd and riding at high speeds through the residential area to avoid police.

A female resident near Robinson Rd says “the boys in blue” have been active over the weekend with a silver unmarked Falcon catching several offenders.

“Once word was out they were taking the detour along Robinson Road, Mt Mee, speeding through the hamlet,” she says.


Mt Mee detour on Robertson Rd
Mt Mee detour on Robinson Rd

The alleged time trials and the detour along Robinson Rd are expected to lead to a police blitz.

“A blitz will help nobody; local businesses up here who rely on the weekend trade, nor the people enjoying a ride/drive,” she says.

“A colleague of mine runs the weekend coffee van up at the lookout. She witnessed a rider trying to do burnouts damaging his bike.

“Should there be a blitz, their business also suffers as the bikes also like to call in there for coffee.

“I know it will cause a backlash with your readers with another local complaining. I am not trying to stop the riders. It is good to see a great mob of bikes going for a cruise.

“But today, I can hear the pocket rockets screeching and getting up their bikes after they get around the S bend at Lewington Rd.”

Police blitz

Mt Mee police blitz after residents complain downhill
Mt Mee police blitz last year after resident complaints

Last year residents rebelled against what they called hoon behaviour calling for concealed surveillance cameras, point-to-point speed cameras, more 60km/h zones, traffic claiming, fluorescent speed signs, TruCAM laser speed guns fitted in police patrol cars and for police to confiscate helmet cameras for evidence of hooning.

Woodford Police say there are ongoing patrols on the mountain and they attended a motorcycle crash this morning (March 25, 2018).

Police blitzes have been common over the past few years on the famed motorcycle nirvana road.

Last month Police defended their use of a covert Trucam hidden in bushes at the bottom of the northern descent, contrary to police procedures.Mt Mee downhill

Respect locals on detour

The Mt Mee resident who contacted us asked riders to “respect the locals”.

“If they are using the back streets to avoid the police, please respect our residential streets. The hamlet comprises of 12 houses all together in a group. It is 60km/h through there and kids on pushies are in the street. Please respect the locals.

We do not mind the riders who are respectful and come up to area for a ride. It is the idiots who don’t want to respect the locals and are riding dangerously that we object to.

“There have been three accidents already this weekend from bike riders going over the edge.”

  1. One could suggest that they actually encourage this behaviour for a while then the idiots will either wise up or check out.
    It’s the morons who spoil everything for everyone else.
    The government should specify a number of places where the hoons can go where they won’t disturb anyone and let them have at it if their cars or bikes are blown up or broken then they won’t be crashing into people’s homes etc.

    1. “The government should specify a number of places where the hoons can go where they won’t disturb anyone…”. These places already exist – they are call racetracks.

      1. Maybe you missed the memo.. all the racetracks and hillclimbs have been strangled into noise and time restrictions and are fighting to stay open and provide their venues because idiots are building housing estates then buying houses next to them then daring to complain about the noise.. dont condone irresponsible driving in suburban areas, but this is the consquences of taking away enthusiast playgrounds. Open some govt. sponsored driver training centres and you wouldnt have a problem.

  2. If you are going to hoon around, have some common sense about you and find somewhere remote and unpopulated where you are not going to attract attention and annoy people; either that, or take it to the racetrack. As usual, the dickheads will ruin it for everybody else, just like they have done with the dirt-bike scene where people are complaining now that they have got nowhere to ride.

  3. Suicide rates will go up because people will be bored shitless. So sick of these kiijoys and fun police. Please stop the world rotating so I can get off.

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