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Sidi Jasmine Rain Boots

Sidi "Jasmine" Rain Boots Review

Sidi Jasmine Rain Boots Review Summary
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They look like leather but these protective, waterproof motorcycle boots are made with Lorica.

When it comes to shoes, I normally prefer leather — leather looks good, breaks in easily, breathes well, and is usually very durable.

The Sidi Jasmine Rain Boots look like leather boots, and I had to inspect them closely to be convinced otherwise. And that’s a good thing.

I had the opportunity to spend some time in Italy a few years ago, where I quickly discovered that I love all things Italian, including gelato, opera, the countryside, the lifestyle, the handsome men…and now I can add Sidi to that list.

I think the Sidi Jasmine Rain boots may just be my new favorite…

Lei is Italian for “she” or “her”, so you can see by the “Lei” on the box that the Sidi Lei line of boots was designed specifically for women motorcycle riders.

There are currently two boots in the Lei collection: the Sidi Vertigo Lei (review) boots are Sidi’s version of a full race boot designed for women, while the Sidi Jasmine Rain boots described here were designed specifically for street riding.

They are also designed to fit a woman’s smaller, narrower feet.

Figuring out the US to EU shoe size conversion has been a bit challenging for me.

My Sidi Jasmine Rain Boots are a Euro size 41, which Sidi lists as equivalent to a US women’s 8-1/2. I normally wear a US women’s 9, and the size 41 are a little long on me — in my opinion, they fit more like a US 9-1/2 to 10.

I’m curious if a size 40 would fit, but the size 41 fits well enough that I didn’t exchange them for fear that a size 40 would be too small. By the way, if your feet need a little more wiggle room, the arch support can be removed.

My foot is slightly wide; I usually wear normal widths with an occasional shoe being too narrow for me. With a thin sock the Sidi Jasmine boots in size 41 fit me well in the width; with a thick sock the boots are a little snug.  At the highest point, the boot is 11.5 inches (29.2 cm) tall and reaches the middle of my shin, offering more protection than a low ankle boot.

Sidi Jasmine Rain Boots


The Sidi Lei Jasmine Rain Boot is made with Lorica, a synthetic material that acts like leather but is claimed to be lighter, softer, stronger, and offer better protection from the elements. Lorica is also supposed to be highly abrasion resistant and should hold up well in a slide.

One of the things I like about the Sidi Jasmine boots in Lorica compared to leather boots is that Lorica can’t be scratched — trust me, I intentionally tried to scratch them!  Over time, leather boots will scuff and mar and may even need to be polished.

I’ve ridden in the Jasmine Rain Boots for hundreds of miles and they still look almost brand new. There are not even any scuff marks from the shifter!  Although looking at the photos, I do notice one tiny scuff on the toe of the right boot; I’m not sure how it got there, but not bad for over 500 miles.

I did have to clean the bug guts off them to take pictures for this article though!

Internal ankle, toe, and heel protection and a padded shin plate provide extra protection for the rider. The rigid internal ankle protection covers the inside and outside of the ankles. Hard cups on the toes and heels provide additional protection and a composite insole is shaped to fit the rider. At first, the ankle protector pressed against my ankles until the boots were broken in, and it’s no longer an issue.

The non-slip sole supplies a good grip on the road. Other safety features include a reflective strip at the heel, which offers night-time visibility and double-stitching strengthens the boot by reinforcing all seams.

Getting into and out of the Sidi Jasmine Rain boots is a breeze, thanks to a YKK zipper and Velcro closure. Elastic inserts at the calves also help to accommodate fuller calves. Like most boots, these fit large on my legs above my ankles, but perhaps roomy enough to allow for a pant to be tucked into the boot.

Sidi Jasmine Rain Boots Front

Sidi Jasmine Rain Boots Side

Comfort, Care, and Function

The Sidi Jasmine Rain boots can testify to one of its strengths — they are waterproof and after several minutes in a bucket of water, no moisture got into the boot. A tiny amount got behind the zipper, of course, but the full-length inner gaiter did its job and kept the water from getting to my feet.

Worried your feet will sweat in a synthetic boot?  Worry no more, Lorica breathes very well, letting moisture out, but not in. A perforated Teflon treated lining is also breathable, adding to the comfort of the Jasmine boots.

I wore the boots in 90 degree (32 C) weather and my feet remained dry. On the other hand, in 55 degree (12 C) weather, my feet stayed warm.

The Jasmine boots are designed for touring, street and sport riding, so the angle between the shin and the foot is not as slanted as it might be on a race boot like the Sidi Vertigo Lei.  However, the Jasmine boots are comfortable when riding on my sportbike. The boots press slightly into the front of my ankles when riding, but it isn’t enough to bother me.

The Jasmine Rain boots are easy to care for. Simply clean them with a damp cloth and let them dry in a well-ventilated area.

The boots are comfortable and easy to walk around in thanks to the quilted section over the Achilles tendon. The styling is also sleek enough that they won’t scream “motorcycle boots” when you’re at work or shopping downtown.


The Sidi Lei Jasmine Rain Boot is a high-quality, protective, women’s street boot. A nice alternative to leather, the Lorica shell and nylon lining let moisture out, but not in.

Comfortable, protective, waterproof, women’s specific fit, and affordable… Grazie, Sidi. Grazie!

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