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Shoei Brings Us a New RF-1400

Out With The RF-1200

The RF-1200 is one of the most iconic helmets in modern history (is that too much sauce?). It’s backed by tens of thousands of satisfied riders that will continue to wear their RF-1200s long into the future. It’s one of Revzilla’s most popular (and most reviewed) helmets, and it even makes our site’s top full-face helmet list as a solid contender for best helmet.

How could you take such a successful recipe and improve upon it? The answer to that question is Shoei’s new RF-1400 helmet; to be released seven years after the successful RF-1200 came to market.

Shoei’s new RF-1400 takes what made the 1200 so successful – doubling-down on its best features – and addressed some small areas that customers complained about.

This edition brings the same multi-ply matrix aim+ shell found in the 1200 (four total shell sizes) which brings this lid full Snell and Dot certifications. Although the shell composition is the same, the shell shape itself has undergone some changes through Shoei’s extensive wind-tunnel testing to shed some wind resistance off of the previous model making this new version far more aerodynamic.

The pin-lock-ready visor has been redesigned to protect against harmful UV rays and benefits from improved visibility. The screen also features new Vortex Generators to dampen any noise that may find its way through the seams.

The new RF-1400 will see a $10 increase from the RF-1200, putting it at $499.99 for solids and $599.99 for fancier options with graphics.