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Shipping a Motorcycle in 2022

Transport Costs and What to Expect

A view of motorcycle shipping methods

With 2020-2021’s economy being the only-a-mother-could-love anomaly that it was, I’m sure there are lots of riders wondering how much it would cost to get their bike from Point A to Point B in 2022. 

Well, you’re in luck today; we’ve come across a report that details (as much as possible) the logistics and general pricing of shipping for 2022 – and despite what you heard, it won’t require the selling of your liver.

Let’s get into it.

A view of motorcycle shipping methods

Motor1’s research was done using a 2018 Yamaha V-Star  – keep in mind, the results don’t include that sneaky service fee, nor any extra insurance surcharges. 

Here’s the plain-Jane basics that they found for America: 

  • Open trailer motorcycle transport: $535 to $1,295
  • Enclosed motorcycle transport: $385 to $1,895
  • Interstate motorcycle shipping (520 miles): $385 to $1,295
  • Interstate motorcycle shipping (1,660 miles): $605 to $1,895 

A view of motorcycle shipping methods

Obviously, these rates are based on multiple quotes to multiple companies – keep in mind that each factor (distance, the type of transport, delivery or pickup, as well as the date or even time of year) affects these figures. 

A view of motorcycle shipping methods


Short distances may be cheaper in the long run, but long distances are cheaper per mile. 

Type of Transport (open vs. enclosed):
Open transport won’t be as good for protection as closed transport, though the latter will cost a pretty penny. 

A view of motorcycle shipping methods

Delivery or Pickup:
Delivery will be more pricey, but how much do you want to pick up that bike from a terminal? The extra green paid might be wirth it to wait on your driveway and wait for your bike with open arms. 

Time of Transport: 

Summer and January are logged ars the premium times to pay premium rates – consider shipping off-season to save a few. 

A view of motorcycle shipping methods


The more the merrier – more competition means a cheaper rate for you, and usually that means quality of shipping isn’t affected, either. 

Location of Drop-Off:
Live in the middle of nowhere? Apparently the cost of delivery to a rural area will spike the price. Who knew?

A view of motorcycle shipping methods

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Do you have experience with recent shipping rates? Give us the deets – drop a comment below, and as always, stay safe on the twisties.

*Media sourced from Freedom Auto Transport, World Cargo, A1 Auto Transport, Cape May-Lewes Ferry, and motorcycleshippers*