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Send Your BMW R nineT Back To 1934 With NMoto’s New Bolt-On Kit

BMW Rninet kit

Reimagining The R nineT For The Low-Low

Look, the R nineT is a very classy looking bike… But do you know what is even classier? NMoto’s Nostalgia R7 look-alike build. Unfortunately, you probably don’t have enough trade-in value to swap your BMW R nineT for the $50,000 Nostalgia, but now NMoto has a cheaper option to achieve the same look for pennies on the dollar.

NMoto is finally offering a bolt-on kit a year after unveiling its Nostalgia build; A 1934 BMW R7 throwback. It’s unfortunate for some who paid the 50k total cost to have them build one for you, but for the rest of us (who have some time on our hands and a spare R nineT hanging around), this is your golden ticket to classic riding.

The complete bolt-on kit will cost you approximately $6,950, and requires no cutting, welding, or drilling into your precious R nineT; Which is great in the event you want to revert it back to stock for resale. It maintains the stock ergonomics of the bike, so although your steed may look different, there will be a sigh of relief knowing it will feel and ride the same. The kit is available for pre-order this October through NMoto with a $100 refundable reservation fee (free shipping on pre-orders) and will come to select BMW dealers down the line.