Sena Drops New 3 Series Intercom Units!

Sena 3S Plus

Sena has now launched the Sena 3S Plus Universal and 3S Plus Boom into the market. The upgrade comes to replace one of Sena’s original headset units, the Sena 3S. 

Both new Sena units feature a sleek design, both are ideal for motorcycle and scooter helmet applications. The 3S Plus Boom features buttons on the microphone, ideal for open-face helmets. The 3S Plus is designed with sleekness in mind. It uses a small, external control that attaches to the shell of a full-faced helmet or open-faced helmet. 

Sena 3S Plus Universal
Sena 3S Plus Universal

Sena’s upgraded 3 series units both feature a 2-way Bluetooth intercom and smartphone connectivity. These features can be utilized for music, GPS, and phone calls in addition to 2-way intercom capabilities of up to a quarter-mile of range. 

Sena 3S Plus Boom
Sena 3S Plus Boom

Per Sena’s website, the 3S Plus units have a talk time of up to 8 hours while also maintaining their Advanced Noise Control technology. This technology is to maintain clear audio when communicating with the other rider. 

Each of the new 3 series units is now available for purchase on for $99.00. This is a great alternative to Sena’s other sleek unit in their lineup, the Sena 10R, which retails for $239.00.

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