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Sena and Interphone Announce a Strategic Alliance

Sena and Interphone

Devices Will be Compatible Starting in 2021

Sena Technologies and Interphone are two big names in Bluetooth communication solutions for powersports and now the two companies announced a strategic alliance. They will collaborate to bring a more unified communication market to riders.

By 2021, Interphone products will share Sena’s proprietary communication technology. This allows products from both brands to communicate together easily. This means the Mesh 2.0 technology will be available to customers outside of the Sena brand. If you choose to purchase an Interphone product, you’ll be able to have access to this same technology and connect with Sena product owners.

This is an interesting move by both companies, but something we here at Web Bike World are excited to see. The ultimate goal here is to make riding better for the masses. More choices and options for riders is a good thing, and it’s nice to see Sena and Interphone stepping up to give riders something that they will certainly use.

With 2021 right around the corner, if you were thinking of purchasing an Interphone product, maybe wait until the Mesh 2.0 technology is fully rolled out. That way you get the latest and greatest tech.