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2013 SCHUBERTH C3 Pro Helmet Preview

SCHUBERTH Announces the C3 Pro Helmet

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January 26, 2013 – SCHUBERTH announces the C3 Pro and C3 Pro Women, said to be “The First High Speed Flip-Up Helmet with Internal Antenna”.

We’ll have a C3 Pro with the SCHUBERTH SRCS (SCHUBERTH Rider Communications System) Bluetooth intercom system soon for a review (here’s the SCHUBERTH C3 review), in the meantime, here’s an edited press release, photos and a video from Schuberth:

  • Aerodynamics: Rear spoiler adds 8% additional downforce for greater stability at higher speeds.
  • Aero-Acoustics: Reduced noise measured at 82 dB(A) is said by SCHUBERTH to be their quietest flip-up helmet ever.
  • Ventilation: New vent scoop increases airflow to over 2.5 gallons per second.
  • Comfort: New plush liner materials enhance comfort and fit.
  • Communications: Internal dual band antenna improves SRCS wireless connectivity.
SCHUBERTH C3 Pro enhanced antenna system

SCHUBERTH C3 Pro Details

Light, quiet, compact – these features have characterized the SCHUBERTH C3 flip-up helmet for years. Now SCHUBERTH is presenting a completely updated premium partner to the base model C3: the C3 Pro.

The C3 Pro features a molded rear spoiler developed in the SCHUBERTH wind tunnel for minimizing buffeting at higher speed riding. The internal antenna and Bluetooth receiver enhance the communication range up to 1/2 mile and FM radio reception for the SCHUBERTH Rider Communication System.

The refined inner lining offers a plush, comfortable fit. The new vent scoop boosts airflow through the helmet to over 2.5 gallons of air per second at 65 mph.

With a wind tunnel tested sound rating of just 82 dB(A), the C3 Pro is the quietest SCHUBERTH helmet ever. The C3 Pro and women-specific fit C3 Pro Women flip-up helmet features over 20 additional enhancements and will be available this spring.

Based on additional research, the C3 Pro Women is specially fitted for a woman’s facial structure, featuring a special contour and materials in the cheek pads to better fit a woman’s higher cheek bones, narrower jaw and smaller facial features.

SCHUBERTH C3 Pro White Womens

C3 PRO with SRC-S System and Antenna

The easy-to-install, fully integrated SCHUBERTH Rider Communication System (SRCS C3 Pro) plugs into the C3 Pro’s internal antenna for improved FM radio reception and pairing distance of up to 1/2 mile.

wBW Video: SCHUBERTH C3 Pro Helmet Preview

Difference Between Standard and Pro SRCS Intercoms

The SRCS from the standard C3 will fit into the C3 Pro and will function normally, but since it does not plug into the helmet’s antenna, it will not offer the improved reception that can be expected from the new SRCS C3 Pro.

The SRCS C3 PRO does not offer backward compatibility to the C3. While it will physically fit, there is no internal antenna, so Bluetooth connectivity and radio reception are not possible.

SCHUBERTH C3 Pro Pricing and Colors

C3 Pro Pricing: Solid Colors $769.00. Hi-Viz $799.00. SRCS for the C3 Pro $429.

C3 Pro Colors: Glossy Black, Matte Black, Glossy Silver, Glossy White, Hi-Viz Yellow.

C3 Pro Women Colors: Pearl White, Pearl Pink, Matte Black, Silver.


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