Ruroc’s Atlas 3.0 Helmet Is Now Available On Their Website


With Updated Aerodynamics!

Back when Ruroc first started selling helmets in 2019, my Instagram feed was completely plagued with advertisements for these graphic-heavy helmets. At first, I thought it was just a cheap gimmick, but here we are two years later and Ruroc has managed to solidify themselves as a legitimate helmet manufacturer capable of keeping up with the big dogs. Although the brand is only two years into its life, there is still a long way to go, but for now, they will continue to steadily release cool-looking helmets that we can all appreciate.

Speaking of cool-looking helmets (by Ruroc, haha), their most popular helmet – the Atlas – has just come into the picture with its third rendition. The Atlas 3.0 is a newly updated helmet that is currently available on Ruroc’s online store.

The Atlas 3.0 takes a much more refined approach to the idea of aerodynamics when compared to the previous 2.0 model. Not only does it flow better in the wind thanks to updated aero, but Ruroc claims that it’s quieter and also provides a better field of view when riding. Apparently, the visor cover was a point of wind noise in the 2.0, so they removed it for this version and took further action in sealing the visor thanks to a locking mechanism paired with a proper rubber seal to prevent wind and water from making their way into the helmet at high speeds.


On the inside of the lid, you can find updated padding in the cheek pad and more space for the EPS liner. This adds a higher degree of comfort, safety and also contributes to the quieter riding experience.

This 3.2 pound helmet will be available in Ruroc’s traditional “here, have a million different colorways”, and will run you $495 for standard graphics and $525 for ‘special Carbonized versions’.


  1. Harry
    July 23, 2021

    I’d be really curious as to your review if one gets done.

    I don’t feel 100% comfortable ordering a helmet online. But I suppose if that’s the way forward – so be it. I’ll miss the modular aspect of the Neotec, but the Neotec 2 added the comm spot, and apparently I can’t mount my SENA 30K. A dealbreaker as it a Harley-Davidson WHIM / CarPlay requirement.

    Ruroc— maybe the way to go.

    • July 23, 2021

      Jim has one that he is putting through the paces. Stay tuned.

      • Harry Swanson
        August 5, 2021


        I will continue to check back. I’ve also considered the AGV Sport Modular and tried on a Simpson Modular.

        AGV no one has it to _see_ it. I’d need 2X, so most don’t keep that behemoth in stock.

        The Simpson Mod Bandit hurt the head after 10 Minutes – so it was a no…

        Maybe I’ll switch to a CF German style… [kidding].

        Thank you

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