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Royal Enfield’s Farewell to the 500 Is the Classic Tribute Black

royal enfield

Say Goodbye to the 500

Royal Enfield showcased a new and final version of the Classic 500 motorcycle. The company added the Classic Tribute Black model. This motorcycle, as you might imagine from the name, has been totally blacked out. The tank, side covers, and fenders are all painted in a glossy black. There are some subtle gold accents to provide a bit of contrast.

The model will be the last to use the 499cc single-cylinder engine that has been the hallmark of the brand for quite some time. This single-cylinder engine makes 27 hp and 30 lb-ft of torque. It has served the company well, but with stricter emissions standards, Royal Enfield would have had to do costly updates to the engine. The company decided to not do that and instead focus on the other engines in its lineup.

While it’s sad to see the 500 go, this could actually be good news. The company will be focusing on its other motorcycles. It will be interesting to see how things progress. Royal Enfield will still sell the Classic model. It will just be sold with the 350 engine in it.