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Royal Enfield’s CEO Confirms It’s Working on an Electric Motorcycle

Here Comes RE’s EV

There has been some speculation about whether or not Royal Enfield would build an electric motorcycle anytime soon. The CEO of the company Vinod Dasari recently made the situation clear in an interview with the publication Moneycontrol

In that interview, Dasari said that an electric bike is certainly a possibility for the future of the company. “Electric is something we have been thinking about for quite some time,” he told the publication. “We are trying to figure out exactly which segment is the right segment for us. Electric is something we take very seriously.”

That sounds like a pretty clear confirmation to me that Royal Enfield is working on an electric bike. However, it’s still pretty vague. There’s no indication as to what type of bike the company could come out with in the future. The rumor is that the bike won’t come out until 2022. That’s still pretty soon, though it is likely Royal Enfield is already pretty far along in the development of this electric bike.

With Royal Enfield’s main focus being in India, it could make sense for the company to make a shorter-range electric bike for commuters. This would be easier to do and would work for the company’s biggest market. However, that would likely rule out global distribution because much of North America would need a different type of bike. It will be interesting to see what Royal Enfield comes out with.