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Royal Enfield Teased Its Upcoming Scrambler

Royal Enfield Scrambler
Image teased by Royal Enfield

Could Possibly be Called the Trials 350 and 500

Royal Enfield is getting the most out of its current engines. The company has several bikes that utilize only a few different engines, and now it looks like a Scrambler will be coming soon. According to Car and Bike, the company will release full details on March 26 of the new motorcycle in all its different variants. Until then, you can peer through the water at the bike in the image above.

There will likely be two different Scramblers. A 350 and a 500. This makes sense for Royal Enfield because the company already has competent engines in this size and offering two different displacements well let the bike reach a wider portion of the market. Assuming Royal Enfield makes no major changes to its engines, the 350 will produce about 19 hp and 20 lb-ft of torque. The 500 will make around 27 hp and 30 lb-ft of torque. 

They won’t be screaming fast, that’s for sure, but then that’s not what these bikes are about. Royal Enfield’s scrambler will be about looking good, being lightweight, and having some mild off-road capability. Mind you, these will be street-focused motorcycles, but they’ll get scrambler style and some mild off-road prowess. Reportedly, the name for these bikes will be the Bullet 350 or 500 Trials. 

It’s unclear what the price will be or if Royal Enfield will bring the motorcycles to the U.S. Personally I’d love to see them come Stateside. Royal Enfield’s offerings are cool, and they make the North American motorcycling market better. I expect the bikes will roll out in India and then the company will ponder the idea of bringing them here until a business case presents itself. Personally, I think they’d do well, depending on where the price lands.