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Royal Enfield Makes Maintenance Easier With At-Home Service

2020 Royal Enfield Bullet

Eliminating a Hassle

Taking your bike into the dealer can be a big pain in the butt. Scheduling, actually getting your bike to the deals, picking it up again. It’s usually not a super fun process. Royal Enfield wants to change that. The company announced on social media a new Service on Wheels program where the mechanics will come to you. 

This program was announced in the Indian market, but I’m sure it will spread out from there. It’s a really good idea. Royal Enfield said that about 80 percent of the maintenance tasks can be done by these mobile mechanics. That’s a huge portion of the maintenance needed to be done to bikes.

All of the technicians doing the service will be trained and certified. The parts and fluids provided by these mechanics will come with a 12-month warranty. Any riders in India can contact their local dealership to get the ball rolling on some home maintenance for their motorcycle.

This is a really great initiative from Royal Enfield. It’s something that I expect more manufacturers will start looking into. With everyone wanting to social distance and have on-demand service, a mechanic coming to your home is extremely convenient.