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Royal Enfield J1D Motorcycle Coming in April 2020

The Royal Enfield brand name painted on a gas tank.

A New Mystery Model From RE

Royal Enfield will reveal a new model in April, and that model has been called the J1D. It will certainly get another name, but it’s unclear what that name will be. The company has trademarked the names Flying Flea and Roadster, so it could be one of those, but nobody is sure at this point.

According to Gaadi Waadi, the model will likely be a 350, but nobody knows for sure. Indian Car News says that the new upcoming model could be a smaller Himalayan with a 250cc engine, but that is just speculation as well. Personally, I think it’s most likely for Royal Enfield to put out a Flying Flea or a Roadster model with the current 350 engine. This would be pretty easy to do. The company could use the existing frame of the current 350 make some changes and then rework the rest of the bike and put out a new model. It would make the most business sense to me.

However, Royal Enfield could always throw the world a curveball and put out something truly interesting like a new bike with the 650cc twin engine. That would be a welcomed addition to the lineup and something that I personally would love to see.